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I was tortured to frame Shehu Sani – Kaduna Civilian JTF leader alleges 


– A major controversy is brewing in Kaduna state

– A member of the state’s Civilian Joint Task Force (JTF) has admitted to being used in trying to frame Senator Shehu Sani – The senator has reacted to the issue via his social media pages Garba Isa, a member of the Kaduna Civilian JTF who is in the centre of the murder case controversy against Senator Shehu Sani of one Lawan Maiduna, has alleged that the military forced him to implicate the senator. According to New Telegraph, Isa made the confession while speaking to journalists in Kano state on Thursday, April 12. His words: “I was not in Kaduna but received calls that the military are looking for me on an issue so when I went back I was at our office in Kabala Doki when the military came and asked me to come with them.

“I told them as a civilian JTF how can I kill anybody, they now started torturing me that I must accept that I’m the one who killed him and Senator Shehu Sani was the one who contracted us to do it.” Garba Isa added that he spent two weeks with the military but still refused to implicate Senator Shehu Sani adding that “later we were transferred to the Kaduna state CID where I spent almost a month and from where I was taken to prison.” He said it was at the Kaduna state high court he got his bail but he sustained severe injuries on his right hand. Senator Sani has reacted to the confession through his Twitter page, saying efforts to tarnish his image won’t succeed.



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