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“I Was Denied Access by Nigeria Embassy asking Buhari vital questions” – Nig. Journalist Speaks up


Nigerian Embassy carefully selected two (2) journalists To Ask Buhari Questions.

– A Washington, D.C. based journalist who was at the Rose garden of the White House for the joint press briefing between Trump and Buhari has revealed some new details
– Ateba alleged that the Nigerian embassy carefully selected two journalists to ask President Buhari two questions
– He also alleged that the 2 questions had gone through the Nigerian embassy
Simon Ateba, an international journalist based in Washington, D.C. has alleged that only two journalists were carefully selected and processed by the Nigerian embassy to ask President Buhari questions during a joint press briefing with United States president, Donald Trump.

The press briefing at the Rose garden of the White House which was broadcasted all over the world was keenly followed by Nigerians on Monday, April 30.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, May 1, Ateba revealed details of his encounter with a White House official who told him 2 journalists had been carefully selected to ask President Muhammadu Buhari two questions and the questions had gone through the Nigerian embassy.

“After I was informed by a staff at the White House yesterday that the 2 questions to ask President Buhari during a joint press conference with President Trump had gone through the Nigerian embassy, and 2 journalists had been carefully selected, I flared up, though calm.
“I told her what do you mean they have been selected by the embassy? What type of questions will the embassy give you? She struggled to answer me, almost apologizing…like (it’s not my fault), and told me it’s the protocol. I told her what type of protocol is that? She said I needed to work that out with the Nigerian embassy.

“And I was like what if I am not a loved journalist by the embassy? What if the embassy doesn’t like my write ups? She looked at me almost confused, struggling to answer those questions herself, seeing sense in what I was saying.

“It was a hard day here in the Rose Garden inside the White House in Washington DC,” he wrote.


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