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‘I Sympathize With Southeast But Zoning 2023 Presidency Unconstitutional’


Previous Governor and Senator addressing Nasarawa West, Abdullahi Adamu, has kicked against the drafting of the administration toward the southeast in 2023.

Addressing newsmen at a media conference on Monday, the Senate Committee Chairman on Agriculture expressed that drafting the official pass to any zone isn’t supported by the constitution.

As per him, the 1999 Constitution (as changed) didn’t order ideological groups to zone administration or some other political office to any piece of Nigeria.

Abdullahi Adamu said, “My response to that is constitution. No place in the Nigerian constitution that says we should zone any open office.

“There is government character, yet not that gatherings should zone positions for administration during political decision. The constitution is being explored. Assuming you need a particular arrangement that an official position be drafted, you say it, and disclose to us how you need it to be drafted.

“You can’t simply wish away a circumstance that is major to a country. You can’t discuss legitimacy and discuss drafting. You can’t. How about we simply pass by merit. Allow each party to discover a method of selling itself in a way that will collect the votes that will win the political race. That’s all there is to it.

“Do we have anything like that in the American constitution? Is it true that we are more fair than them? It is popular government. For what reason would you like to transform it? Living in fantasy land as it were.

“Indeed, someone is saying the South East has not had a president. I concur, and I identify with them. However, the constitution says you can just become president through the voting station. What’s more, we have been saying it during decisions that each vote should count. Things being what they are, the reason would you like to zone? Zone your brain assuming you need to zone.”

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