I have all it take’s to win the election,I don’t even need Igbos support—Buhari


This speech was delivered by Buhari today during his campaign movement

President Buhari on his Champaign speech yesterday said that Nigeria as we know it is actually in a bad predicament due to hatred which has been planted in the hearts of the citizens by the enemies of Nigeria.

He went further to say that ” I’ve been hearing rumors of election boycott being planned in different states in Nigeria especially Benue state , Abia, Rivers, Delta , Enugu, Imo and Ebonyi state and many planned to vote against me in order to remove the present government.

One thing is certain that this is not the first time I’ve faced opposition from people and I still won, even if everyone in Nigeria should vote against me, I will still win the election despite the Igbos opposition.

I’ve been a politician for many decades now and I don’t even need the Igbos to win elections. And boycott of any election in any part of Nigeria attract a serious penalty as it’s not a way of exercising your right but a way of rebelling against the election process in your country.

I will urge everyone to vote for APC if you really want to move this country to the NEXT