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I Don’t Have The Skills To Be A Politician In Nigeria, If I Join Politics It Will Destroy Everything I’ve Done – Emir Sanusi


The embattled Emir of Kano, Alhaji Muhammed Sanusi II, has in an interview which he granted to the British Broadcasting Commission (BBC) on their Hard Talk program, talked about the political atmosphere in the country, at some point saying that he was not ready to become a politician as he was not sure he could survive in the political space of the country.

The Emir who recently saw his influence whittled down by the Kano State Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje, after the creation of four additional Emirates in his domain, has said that he thinks that venturing into the political space of the country may end up becoming his undoing.

When asked by the interviewer on why he was taking that stance since he was a former Governor of the CBN and as such must have taken decisions that have affected the lives of a lot of Nigerians and that becoming a politician was virtually the same thing as he was going to be having the same opportunity to touch a lot of lives, the for CBN Governor replied saying that, joining politics in the country required some particular skills, which he does not possess as it is. “I cannot survive one year in that space the Emir said”.

Watch the video of excerpts of the interview below.

The Emir is at the moment embattled as the seeming rift he had been having with the Kano State Governor, His Excellency Abdullahi Ganduje, has escalated to the point that the governor appointed four new Emirs in Sanusi’s domain in a move which in many quarters have been described as a ploy to get back at the Emir and whittle his power, although the Governor has denied this claim a number of times saying that the move was made in the best interest of the state, even though it has affected an 800 year tradition in the Kano state/emirate.

He was recently accused by a commissioner in Governor Ganduje’s cabinet of playing partisan politics during the gubernatorial elections in the state which almost saw the governor losing out to Yusf Abba of the PDP.

The Emir though have said that he had only spoken out in interests of his subjects and had not been playing partisan politics as he said, what kind of leader would he be if he did not speak up in the interests of his subjects.


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