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“I am so confident that very soon Biafra independence will come.— Nnamdi Kanu


Nigeria Is a carefully packaged colonial experiment — Nnamdi Kanu

“Nigeria is a carefully packaged colonial experiment in exploitative nation building that has failed spectacularly and the world is finally waking up to the inevitability of its eventual demise,” Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), said in an interview with Guardian Newspaper, on Tuesday.

According to the IPOB leader, Britain is the force driving the preservation of the “failed one Nigeria”.

“They have and will continue to deploy their considerable diplomatic clout to prevent countries from publicly acknowledging Biafra. The fight is not against the largely unenlightened feudal elites of the north but against the arrogant neo-colonial tendencies of some Britain officials who will continue their aggressive support of Fulani hegemony.”

“It is uncontested historical certainty that Nigeria was not created by any Nigerian because no Nigerian or Nigeria existed before the white man came from Britain to create both Nigeria and the perverse nation of a Nigerian,” Kanu said.

Speaking on the achievement of IPOB, so far, in the struggle for Biafra, the IPOB leader said: “I can confirm that we have quietly made a lot of headway which shall manifest in the public acceptance of Biafra in the not too distant future by major countries of the world.”

“I am confident that very soon all the variables will be in place to warrant public backing for Biafra independence from nations around the world,” he said.


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