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How to get the perfect selfie


Getting the perfect selfie is practically a fine art. Follow these tips and watch this video to take you selfie game from 0-100

In the world of social media and influencer- led content, there really is no excuse to not get a great selfie. We have hundreds of apps and plenty of filters to help get the job done. If you’re still struggling to get your selfie game down to a fine art,   here are a few tips and a video from beauty Youtuber Alissa Ashley to help you nail the look.

1. Lighting is key

It sounds obvious, but the first rule of taking the perfect selfie is to pay attention to your lighting. You need good lighting, preferably natural lighting.Instead of facing your computer screen, turn toward a window with natural light or even better, go outside and bask in the sun. Good lighting can reduce the appearance of dark circles and shadows too. It’s a win win!

2. Work your angles

When it comes to selfies, keep your chin down and the camera up. Hardly anyone looks good when they are shot from under their chin and the likelihood is, you’re not one of them so play it safe.  When taking a selfie, hold the phone so that the bottom of it is level with your eyes and don’t forget to smize.

Furthermore, you probably shouldn’t stare directly into the camera. “Most people don’t look their best straight-on. Turn to the side a little bit — not to the point where it’s a full-on profile, but just slightly,” says makeup artist Nick Barose.

3. Don’t over-do the editing

While we’re all for editing and filtering, don’t adjust your selfie to the point that it looks unnatural. When editing, use a really light touch. It’s easy to get carried away. If you’re using a filter, you also have the option to not use it at max capacity and for the love of God, stop blurring/airbrushing your face beyond all recognition, it’s not a good look.

4. Take a LOT

Kylie Jenner’s best selfie tip is just to take selfies. A lot of selfies. She’s said that she takes “like, 500 selfies” before she finds one she likes enough to post. Be like Kylie!! Try tilting your head in different directions and changing the angles up slightly between each shot so there’s a wide variety to choose from.

5. Choose the right filter

It’s pretty self-explanatory but the right filter can brighten your face and even make your camera picture look professional so choose very wisely.


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