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How to blend your eyeshadow like a pro


Getting your make-up just right can be tricky for amateurs. Between all the blending and techniques, it’s easy to get confused but fear not, when it comes to getting your eyeshadow looking just right,these easy tip will have you blending like a pro.

1. Prime for success.

If you’re going to take the time out of your busy day to blend your shadow to perfection, you might as well smooth some eye shadow primer onto your lids to keep everything in place. Keep it closer to the lash line and fade it as you go upward so you have more flexibility to blend in the crease area. Then, let it dry for at least 10 seconds before moving on to the main event.

2. Pick your tools.

Depending on which makeup artist you ask, you’re going to get a different answer for what the best blending brush is. Regardless, flawless eye shadow blending is all about brushes. You have to have the right tools for the job. You can never have enough blending brushes, but two is good to start with.


3. Start light.

First, taking the brush with densely packed bristles, you want to apply the lightest shade you plan to use on the inner half of your lids; then you can add darker shades of the same hue as you move toward the outer corners. Using the light as a transition colour, you can add dimension as you go with the darker colours and tones and blend, blend, blend.

4. Put it all into motion.

After laying down the lightest colour, you’ll want to pause to do the actual blending before moving to the next shade. Sweep one of your clean blending brushes in a windshield-wiper-like motion along the creases to soften the edges and diffuse the hue. If you’re using more than two shades on your lids, you will repeat this step with every colour you lay down on your lids.

After you apply your darkest shade to the outer half of your lids, you’ll want to use a different blending technique. Swirl your second clean blending brush in small circles along the outer corners, running the brush in a V shape along your creases and top lash lines.

Pro tip on how to hold your brush while doing all this: The closer your fingers are to the brush hairs, the harder the application will be so relax, move your fingers further up the brush and make gentle sweeping motions, especially when working with darker colours.

5. Clean up mistakes.

Now that everything is seamlessly blended, you might notice that you got a little carried away and pulled the shadow out too far from the outer corners or have created a weird-looking shape. Touch up edges and buff away these mistakes with a damp Beautyblender.

You can also use translucent powder like a magic eraser.

Popular Nigerian beauty influencer, Dimma Umeh, shows you all the eyeshadow do’s and dont’s so you can step your eyeshadow game up to the next level.


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