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How? 4 yearsold boy in court for kissing 3 years old classmate


A juvenile misdemeanor court in Damanhour, north-west of Egypt’s capital, Cairo has thrown out a case involving a 4-year-old boy having kissed his 3-year-old classmate-

According to the BBC, parents of the little girl who was reportedly kissed by a fellow youngster became unhappy, leading to the charge levelled against the boy.

It is not clear how the entire case began through to the court, but the little boy’s father is reported to have told privately-owned al-Mehwar TV that the girl’s father became bitter after he personally saw the boy kissing his daughter.

How? 4-year-old- boy in court for kissing 3-year-old classmate_2
Inset: 4-year-old- boy in court for kissing 3-year-old classmate

The boy was charged with assault, but the court apparently did not see any merit in the case, probably because of the ages of both youngsters involved.


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