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Here are 5 benefits of having carrots everyday.


I remember when I was young, I was told that by eating plenty of carrots, I will always have good eyesight and little did I know there are a number of other benefits of eating carrots every day.

Speaking to dietitian, nutritionist and spokesperson of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietitics, Isabel Maples about the benefits of having carrots everyday, below is what she outlined:

Vitamin A- for night vision and better eyesight

Carrot’s claim to fame is better vision. Vitamin A promotes normal vision; it allows the eyes see normally in the dark, helping them adjust to lower light levels.


Fibre is found in plants. Fibre has been shown to be beneficial in promoting bowel regularity and gut health. It seems to also prevent chronic disease like heart disease, cancer and diabetes.


Carrots have a natural sweetness; the flavour enhances the sweetness by roasting carrots with a little oil and herbs and can also enhance their flavour as sweet or savory with butter, brown sugar or honey.

Convenience & versatility & affordability

You can buy carrots raw, canned, frozen or juiced.

You can buy carrots cut up or cut them yourself into crinkle cuts, coins, strips.

You can add carrot juice to smoothies or add grated carrots to baked goods, meatloaf and desserts.

Low calories

Carrots have just 23 calories in half a cup.

When carrots are eaten raw, there’s lots of crunch which can promote satiety.


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