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Herdsmen Attacks: ESN Operatives Will Soon Invade Northern States, Says IPOB


The Indigenous People of Biafra says it will oppose the Fulani control in the Southeastern area of the country.

It likewise pledged to murder individuals from the Miyetti Allah herders purportedly intending to migrate to the area in a bid to ensure their dairy cattle.

The secessionist bunch emphasized further that it will before long grow the tasks of its security wing toward the Northern piece of the country, while expressing that it could at this point don’t endure provocative expressions from herders.

IPOB expressed this in an assertion it delivered through its representative, Emma Powerful on Sunday.

The supportive of Biafra bunch was responding to a prior assertion made by the Miyetti Allah to send its furnished individuals to secure their steers interest in Igbo land.

Responding through the proclamation, IPOB said such an expression was treacherous to the legislative leaders of the South-East district and the whole individuals.

“The consideration of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, IPOB, has been attracted to the danger by Miyetti Allah to convey 5, 000 jihadists to Biafra land to ensure their cows and herders following the gliding of Ebubeagu security outfit by South-East lead representatives. We consider this expression an affront to the whole Biafra and will not endure it in spite of our complaints against the tricky South-East lead representatives and the political first class.

“The South-East lead representatives should comprehend that the national administration of Nigeria supported Miyetti Allah to make this careless expression. The prior they comprehend that IPOB isn’t their concern, the better. They should quit double-crossing us however like our penances in the safeguard of our hereditary land.

“The Miyetti Allah and their fear based oppressor gathering should realize that they shouldn’t play God until the end of time. They are attempting to incite Eastern Security Network and IPOB to make an exceptional move. IPOB and ESN are becoming irritated with their put-downs. They ought to backtrack their means now! Allow them to come we are sitting tight for them. Before long they will see ESN in the North,” the assertion said.

The gathering promised to reviewed how the Fulani vanquished Hausa land in the mid seventeenth century, cautioning that an endeavor by Miyetti Allah to do something comparative in the South-East will prompt their possible end.

“Fulani psychological oppressors are believing that Biafra land is not difficult to enter the manner in which they infiltrated Hausa land and vanquished them in 1804. In the event that Miyetti Allah and their patrons in Aso Rock endeavor to do in Biafra land what they did in Hausa land, they will lament their activities. ESN and IPOB and arranged for them. They can threaten South-East lead representatives yet they can’t scare IPOB and ESN. No inch of Biafra land will be surrendered to Fulani jihadists.

“On the off chance that Miyetti Allah jihadists venture into our property they will resemble deserted bodies in the brambles and woodlands in our domain. Nigerians can dissolve before Miyetti Allah however not IPOB and ESN. Miyetti Allah should not attempt IPOB and ESN in light of the fact that they can’t withstand our toxin.

“We thus announce a finish to open touching all through Biafra domain. In the event that we get any cow eating transparently on our homesteads once more, both the cow and the lethal herder will not live to tell their experience,” the assertion added.


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