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GUYS! NEVER Sleep With Her If You Notice Any Of These Things…If You See Numbers 2 And 5, My Brother Run Away Fast


Consider the cliché in most movies and TV productions where a man meets a woman at a bar, he buys her a drink, they talk, they laugh, they discover they are both into each other, and then they get a room and sleep together. The above scene is so common that if it were to go any other way, it would be quite surprising. However, in real-life, so many factors have to be just right before a man wakes up in the morning with his girlfriend, crush, or even ‘new friend’ sleeping next to him. Although it is common to find women turning down offers that will lead to them waking up next to a man they don’t know in the morning, it is not always the case.

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It might surprise you to know that most men will also turn down an offer to sleep with a woman when they discover a few things about them. Some of the things below are discoveries that men make about women as soon as they meet them, while others are things that they discover over time. The first-time discoveries are the easiest to get away from because there is little relationship involved. The discoveries that a man will make after a few weeks or months are complicated because by this time a relationship has had a chance to develop. However, whether in a relationship or not, a man will not want to sleep with a woman if she has any or a combination of the following:

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10. She Has Bad Breath

It is going to be so hard for a man to sleep with his woman if she smells as if something died in her mouth. You cannot expect to go a few days without interacting with a toothbrush and some toothpaste, and think that you can just turn your man on. Furthermore, how your mouth smells speaks tons about how matters of hygiene are important to you, and what type of a person you generally are.

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9. She’s Too Clingy

Men love to walk around holding their women, as they show them off to their friends and even strangers in the streets. However, it is very important to understand that a man also needs to be with his friends, and this does not mean that he loves you any less. An extremely clingy woman is one who will keep calling her man trying to find out where he is and who he is with. She wants to spend every minute of every day with her man next to her.

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8. She Has An Annoying Voice

This might sound a bit unfair, but it is sadly true. Every man imagines going out with a woman who has an angel’s voice, because even the sound of such a voice is enough to turn him on. However, the women whose voices screech when they talk, women who are too loud when they speak, and those whose voices are deeper and more commanding than most men’s might have a harder time getting men to sleep with them compared to women with angelic voices.

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7. She Drinks Too Much

One funny thing about most men is that they don’t mind meeting women in bars or nightclubs, but they will not like it if the women they are after are heavy drinkers. Here is how a man sees it; a woman who drinks too much is most probably a loose canon with no self-control, who has slept with very many men, and is therefore not an ideal option. Furthermore, a woman deserving respect never drinks too much; excessive drinking is a sign of immaturity.

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6. She Has Poor Taste

A man loves to go out with a woman who has great taste, because her great taste will make him look good. A classy woman will always make her man proud, and a man will do anything for a woman who makes him proud. Therefore, a woman has to be attractive to the man even in aspects such as the music she listens to, the movies she loves to watch, and even the food she loves to eat.

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5. She Seems Too Easy

It is so funny how every man out there believes that he has the smoothest pick-up lines and that when he is on his ‘A’ game no woman can resist him. The truth is that most women feel sorry for the men hitting on them, and only tolerate them if they are actually sweet, funny, or have the potential to be the love of their lives. However, men are always cautious when it comes to women who are too easy. More often than not, the easiest women out there are those who have slept with numerous men and such women are often loose. No man wants to sleep with a woman who has no sense of self-respect; besides, even the men enjoy the thrill of chasing after a woman that they fancy.

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4. She’s a Drama Queen

No one really likes a drama queen, so why should a man want to sleep with one? A drama queen is too dramatic about the smallest things, and this behavior annoys men so much. Most drama queens are just out to seek attention and try to prove that they matter. A drama queen often intentionally or instinctively acts immaturely and childishly, probably because she did not receive as much attention growing up as she craved.

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3. She’s Impossible to Please

When a man says something to, or does something for the woman that he loves and she gets all excited, the man feels like he has conquered the world. A woman’s reaction to even the smallest things that a man does is very important, because her reaction is an indication that she realizes that her man has been thinking about her and he values her. However, those women who hardly recognize the effort that a man is making or those who express dissatisfaction in a man’s efforts to please them make a man feel unappreciated and discouraged. A man feeling unappreciated and discouraged is not willing to sleep with you now or any time in the near future.

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2. She Seems to Be a Gold Digger

A woman who is with a man just because of his money is one of the worst kinds of people out there. Men will try their level best to identify and avoid sleeping with gold diggers, because such women will trap them in a relationship and start draining their bank accounts.

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1. She Constantly Talks About Her Ex

A woman who only speaks about her ex, whether in good or bad light is killing her man’s desire to sleep with her. Talking about your ex is a sign that you are not completely over him and that you might be with your current man just out of convenience. A man needs to know that you belong to him completely, and if that is established then everything else will work out perfectly.

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