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Great Panic Erupt in Enugwu State as Fulani Vigilante Fully Established.


Last month Miyatti Allah president announced to Ndigbo and Nigerians that Southeast will boil. They cited Southeastern rejection of giving them grazing route as their reason. For the refusal the Miyatti Allah threatened to take southeast by force. A few people dismissed this as empty threat while many other people saw it as mission impossible. I think we are in for a surprise.

  1. Just recently Miyatti Allah held their security summit in Enugwu state where they fingered Gov. Dave Umahi as their choice successor to president Buhari in 2023. They said so loud that the deaf could hear it. This is only a tip off on the grand plan to divide southeast before destroying it. I hope Umahi will learn from history that “knife is not a friend to yams and cocoyam”.
  2. Also recent release by fulani Miyatti Allah of their intentions to establish Fulani vigilante group in southeast states points to the serious of their threat that southeast will boil. It is a plan that has been going for a long time. It is unfortunate that Ndigbo are playing politics with such existential danger that threatens their very existence.
  3. Recall about 2 years ago, drone search was carried out in all Anambra forrest for purposes of security surveillance. Stockpiles of arms and ammunition were discovered in several locations the fulani herdsmen occupied in the Forrest. What happened to those stockpiles of arms and ammunition and security precautions taken were not known. It is obvious the secret arming by fulanis did not stop.
  4. Of recent there have been reports of constant killings, rapes and massacre of Igbos in Uzo-Uwani and Anambra states that is being kept from the news. These incidences leak out because the bereaved must say what killed their people. Recall I made a post on Enugwu and gov. Ugwuanyi which I titled “Enugwu Ugwuanyi Sacrifice of Blood”. In that post I pointed out complacencies of the governor in dealing with fulani herdsmen. Many people called me names. Today incessant killings are still going on in that state and the governor chose to ignore it. We need to know where the governor stands on this.
  5. As I write this the fulani vigilante command is fully established and operational. The recent announcement was to make it official. Credible sources from victims of the extortions going on in the areas the operate have started talking. Many people are paying huge sums as royalty to the group’s command.

The vigilante command is in full operation in Udi and Ogwu in Enugwu state. The police commissioner of Enugwu state is fulani. All reports points that the command operates under him. Till date the government of Enugwu state and it’s security and intelligence community are snoring while the hurricane gathers.

The question in my mind is why Enugwu, why?

  1. The most annoying is how Fulani whose stock in trade is to export violence and death contemplate of securing southeast. From who are they securing southeast? Southeast is region that is struggling to protect herself from fulani invasion yet they want to be allowed to stand behind us with guns and matchet? This is insane in thought and an affront in fact.
  2. We have seen the security signature of the Fulanis in Zamfara, Katsina, Gombe, Kaduna, Adamawa, Taraba, Benue, Plateau, Nassarawa states. So far they have no credibility when it comes to securing anywhere. Miyatti Allah should be advised to go back to the north where they belong to ensure adequate security especially the president’s own state who happened to be brother.
  3. Southeast has not healed from the sounds of python dances and fulani vigilante would be like asking a pathological rapist and sadist to take care of your daughter.

It is important all groups in Igbo land to close ranks and fight this genocide breeding. Ohanaeze president, Ala Foundation, Ochie Igbo, IPOB, MASSOB and every other group must rise. Ohanaeze youths wing must invoke it’s youthful agility and react. We do not need anybody’s permission before defending our lives and properties.

Written by — Chilagorom Ifeanyi


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