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God Uses Insurgency in the Northern Part of the Country to Punish them for their Sins-Sultan of Sokoto


The Sultan of Sokoto,Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar III, has open up and said that God uses insurgency in the Northern part of the country to punish them for their sins

Abubakar also said that all Nigeria must learn and obey the teaching of the Quran and the Holy Bible to escape the wrath of God in this country.

The monarch declared this at the 5th International conferences on “Love and Tolerance: countering violent Extremism for the peaceful Coexistence”in Abuja on Thursdays.

Represented by the Emir of Jiwa,Dr Idris Musa, the Sultan of Sokoto stated that the challenge of insurgency would come to an end when all Nigeria stop committing sin and stop killing of innocent citizen of this country.

According to him he said”the security challenge is our problem. The Holy Quran is a message of peace to mankind. and the Holy Bible is a message of mankind. so we listen to both i believe there would be no war in this country.but the moment we refuse to listen and obey the Quran and Holy Bible distruction is not far from us.

“its is part of the punishment we are receiving based on our sins. if we can stop committing sin and abide by God;s word and divine direction from God things will change.

The Monarch urged Nigerian to live in peace and stop creating problems for themselves.He urged all Nigerians not to be afraid,stressed that the country has all it takes to defeat insurgency.

He added:”I am appealing to everyone to live together and be our brothers keepers and live in peace.We should not create problems for each others.

We all can fight insurgency if we remain in one. but i am very sure that we are going to win the war. Today, its obvious where citizen is running away from fellow man like him, because he is thinking that he would lose his life and family.
The only way this can stop we should leave in peace.


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