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Garba Shehu under fire over first post after Twitter returns


A few Nigerians on Twitter vigorously censured the principal tweet by official assistant Garba Shehu a couple of hours after Twitter tasks were officially reestablished in Nigeria.

Shehu had tweeted 12 PM that Nigeria acquired “tremendously” from the closure of Twitter when the Nigerians handled him.

He posted, “Welcome back – Let me join individual compatriots and ladies in inviting the goal of the stalemate between the Federal Government of Nigeria and Twitter Inc., prompting the laying of a “establishment for a commonly useful future with unlimited potential outcomes.

“I join the heads of government in liking all Nigerians, “particularly the dynamic Nigerian adolescents who have borne with the huge delay to determine this stalemate,” and as the public authority explanation plainly says, the additions produced using this common public penance are endless.

“We trust that this is valued by all. The country starts things out. Indeed, welcome back!”

Responding, the Nigerians requested that Garba Shehu express the increases of Twitter suspension.

One of them, Onu’kwube @RayNkah, said, “‘Welcome back’? No. We didn’t go anyplace. We’ve been here all of the time. Represent yourself.”

Sir Ted @Deus_Ugwoke: Which stalemate are you discussing, the sad boycott was pointless in any case, we know it’s a test of skill and endurance for the APC government realizing the political race will be around the as Twitter assumes a significant part for the mission.

Gladly Nigerian @max20ebi: By removing the privileges of Nigerians to uninhibitedly articulate their thoughts and investigate the exercises of the public authority of the day. You can not quietness individuals still up in the air to roll out an improvement. May God visit you and treat you the manner in which you and your chief are treating Nigerians

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