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Garba Shehu Slams Danjuma, IPOB Over Killings In Nigeria, Letter By UK Lawmakers


The Nigerian administration has attacked Theophilus Yakubu Danjuma, previous Nigerian Chief of Army Staff.

In an announcement on Thursday, presidential representative, Garba Shehu, proclaimed that Danjuma isn’t “a characteristic wellspring of weight for good administration”.

His remark was in response to the letter by UK administrators to the Commonwealth on the killings in Nigeria.

The administrators revealed that they met and addressed Danjuma who disclosed to them that the nation’s Armed Forces “are not impartial”, and that they “connive in ethnic purging”.

Without referencing the previous General’s name, Shehu said during strict and ethnic uproars in two states in 2001 and 2002, Nigerians “were fiercely and heartlessly put somewhere around the military under his position”.

This, he noted, caused the passings “of thousands of lives and the uprooting of some further 50,000 people.”

Shehu stated: “It is critical to worry to our accomplices and partners in the United Kingdom that not all who press them have the eventual benefits of either vote based administration or tranquil concurrence at the top of the priority list. For instance, the previous Nigerian Chief of Army Staff, named and cited in the letter as a source on military issues, surrendered that position approximately 40 years prior – in 1979.

“He was toward the end in an administration position 17 years prior in 2003 (as Minister of Defense). Around then, strict and ethnic mobs ejected in two conditions of the league, (2001 and 2002), these were fiercely and savagely put somewhere near the military under his power, prompting the loss of thousands of lives and the uprooting of some further 50,000 people. He is, along these lines, not a characteristic wellspring of weight for good administration.”

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Shehu likewise blamed the Indigenous People for Biafra (IPOB) of setting out on a worldwide mission against Nigeria.

“Another, signatory precisely, is notable to be related with the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, a Nigerian-boycotted fear based oppressor gathering. The IPOB is running a notable (wellspring of-financing-obscure) global mission planned to harm the notoriety of Nigeria and its administration so as to advance their reason for “autonomy”. He hopped bail in Nigeria. He as often as possible goes on a Nigerian visa however asked his allies to consume their visas!

“The IPOB scarcely notice their points in their exposure; neither do they notice that their own initiative don’t profess to be Christian. However, their media and campaigning effort has zeroed in close solely on elevating matters identified with Christianity in Nigeria, proclaiming bogus cases that an administration with 50% of its bureau and 50% of its State Governors who are Christian in some way or another neutralizes Christians”, Shehu included.


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