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Fulani Elders tell Their Youths Engaging In Killing, rap,kidnapped in Biafra land.


Fulani elders in State have invoked wrath on youths engaging in crimes.

The invocation, known as ‘Fulaco Combo’, was held at the Central Pilot

The Fulaco was performed by Modibbo Alhaji Bisalla.

“This is a belief by all Fulani people. An invocation can be made, and whoever defies it will not know peace in his lifetime. This is done to find a lasting solution to the incessant cases of kidnapping, cattle rustling, robbery and rape among other vices,” Bisalla said.

In his remarks, Baba Chiroma Hussaini added, “Every peace-loving Fulani is saddened by this latest and ugly development which is contrary to our legacy as Fulani. Criminality has never been our way of life.”

He added that the gathering was to draw a battle line between the good and bad eggs.

Daily Trust reports that the Chairman of the local government, Nuhu Dauda, assured the Fulani of his administration’s readiness to partner
organizations and individuals to flush out criminals in the local government area.

Toto local government of Nasarawa State shares boundary with Abaji
area council of the FCT, Abuja, and Bassa local government area in Kogi State.


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