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Fuel Lines: NNPC Speaks Out, Places the Blame on Road Projects


The Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPC) has accused the fuel lines in Lagos State and Abuja on some development projects happening in the state.

NNPC’s Leader VP, Downstream, Mr Adeyemi Adetunju, gave this clarification while tending to a news meeting in Abuja on Tuesday.

“The new lines in Lagos are to a great extent because of continuous street foundation projects around Apapa and access street challenges in certain pieces of Lagos warehouses,” he said. “The gridlock is backing out and NNPC has modified vessels and trucks to unconstrained stops and gigantic burden outs from terminals to different states are intently being observed.”

“Abuja is affected by the challenges kept in Lagos. NNPC Retail and key advertisers have strengthened committed stacking into Abuja to reestablish predictability quickly.”

However, he guaranteed Nigerians that endeavors are continuous to guarantee that predictability returns at the earliest opportunity.

“We need to promise all Nigerians that NNPC has adequate items, and we essentially expanded item stacking remembering 24-hour activities for chose terminals and stretched out hours at key stations to guarantee items adequacy cross country,” he guaranteed.

“We are likewise working with the NMDPRA, MOMAN, DAPPMAN, IPMAN, NARTO, PTD, and other industry partners to guarantee business as usual is returned.”

The NNPC, he added, has a “public PMS supply of more than 2 billion liters. This is comparable to more than 30 days of adequacy”.

Fuel shortage is repetitive in Nigeria, one of the biggest makers of unrefined petroleum globally. The latest lines in a few pieces of the nation have left numerous suburbanites abandoned. Others have depended on purchasing the item from dark advertisers who have capitalized on the circumstance to sell at extreme costs.

The public authority has expressed installment of endowment for fuel is unstainable and has arranged its expulsion for the following year, a move that makes certain to confront pushbacks.


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