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Freedom:Militant urge IPOB,Peace talk will not Work,Time to Fight because we are being rule by Wicked Islamic man.(Fight…..)


Without being told, Nigeria is facing a hard time and everybody has to open his eyes and equip yourself with weapon, because the era of peace has gone.the Wicked Islamic illiterate old fool never care for the lives of our people.folding our hands will not help this matter at all, our leaders have to come together and take a decision.

Serious proof emerge that Nigeria may be heading into another drastic civil war that will take more lives.A new group Known as the Isoko Liberation Movement Issued The threat Wednesday Evening.we must fight for freedom and to revenge our brother and sister souls that was killed by the wicked fool.

In an email Entitled Peaceful Disintegration or war, Spoke Man Of The Group one Com Paul Aziakpono Said

We the Members of Isoko Liberation Movement, after much consultations with our fellow Brothers in the struggle for the peaceful disintegration of this fraud called Nigeria Wish to Issue the Following Statement.

We Identified with the Niger Delta Advengers, the Red Egbesu Water Lions and all fellow Agitators in The Struggle for the actualization of Niger Delta Republic

We Commend and Support our Fellow Brothers (IPOB) and their peace struggle to the actualization of the Baifra Republic. But we wish to let them know that peace and lengthy litigationa will not yield any result in this corrupt and wicked Islamic Government controlled by an illiterate old fool.

We advise all Niger Deltans still living in the northern and western part of the country to return home within seven days as their safety cant not be guaranteed after then.

We advise the Buhari Lead Government to as a matter of urgency call a national conference to discuss the peaceful disintegration of Nigeria or standby and watch the country sink.

For all those Isoko politicians who show concern should come together to fight no more peace talk all.


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