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Food Recipe: How to cook the delicious oha soup



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FoodRecipe cuisine

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Recipe ingredients

500g Assorted meat, beef or goat

1 Big bunch oha leaves

8 Seeds uziza seeds

Palm oil

3 Tablespoons ground ofor, upkor (ibaba)

1 Stockfish, 1 medium size

4 Medium sized dried fish

3 Tablespoons ground crayfish

Fresh pepper

3 Seasoning cubes

Ogiri, dadawa or okpei to taste

SaltRecipe instructions

Wash, season and boil meat, stock fish for about thirty minutes.

Plug Oha leaves from the stalks, cut all the leaves with hand into two equal parts before washing them and set aside

Grind crayfish, uziza seeds, pepper, and traditional ingredients and keep them aside for later use

Pour the palm fruit extract into the boiled meat, or just add water to the meat if you are not using palm fruit extract and add palm oil to the content.

Add the ufor, upkor into the content and allow to dissolves completely.

When the thickener has dissolved, add crayfish, pepper, oziza seed, and dressed dried fish, seasoning cubes, and all other ingredients and leave to boil for about ten minutes on a medium heat.

Add Oha leaves, stir, taste for seasoning and leave the soup to simmer on a heat for three to minutes and put off heatRecipe yieldFood Recipe: How to cook the delicious oha soup_1

Oha soup is delicious and it can be enjoyed by everyone.About

Usually prepared by cutting the vegetable into half, oha soup is also known as efere Nkpa by calabar people.

However, oha soup it is a special and tasty delicacy in the southeastern parts of Nigeria (Igbos).


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