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Festus Keyamo – FG Can’t Borrow N1.1trn To End ASUU Strike


The Minister of State for Work and Employment, Festus Keyamo, on Friday said it was ridiculous for the National Government to get cash to end the months-long strike set out by the Scholarly Staff Association of Colleges.

He offered the remark while talking on Stations TV’s Governmental issues Today.

“Would it be advisable for us to proceed to get to pay N1.2 trillion yearly?

“You can’t permit one area of the economy to hold you by the throat and then extort you to proceed to get N1.2 trillion for overheads when our all out pay would be about N6.1 trillion. And you have streets to construct, wellbeing focuses to fabricate, other areas to deal with.”

The Minister asked guardians the nation over to ask ASUU.

“Like the President said the other time, the people who know them, appeal to their feeling of positive energy,” he said.

“Allow them to return to classes. They are by all accounts not the only one in Nigeria. They are by all accounts not the only ones taking care of from the government handbag. The country can’t come to a standstill since we need to deal with the demands of ASUU.”

ASUU’s Demands
ASUU set out on a four-week cautioning strike on February 14.

All on Walk 14, the association expanded the modern activity by another two months to permit the public authority fulfill its needs. A 12-week expansion was reported on May 9.

Since May 9, the association has stayed protesting, promising to continue until its demands are met.

The scholastics are looking for further developed government assistance, revitalisation of state funded colleges and scholarly independence among other demands.

One bone of conflict for the scholastics is the non-installment of university revitalisation reserves, which adds up to about N1.1 trillion.

Yet, the Central Government has said it doesn’t have the cash to pay such a sum, refering to low oil costs during the Muhammadu Buhari organization.

The arrangement was allegedly struck in 2009.

Another is the issue of the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System (IPPIS).

The scholastics have proposed an elective payroll system, the University Transparency and Accountability Solution (UTAS).

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