Fear Of Nnamdi Kanu: Abba Kyari ill, Jets Out To UK For Medical Treatment


The Chief of Staff to President Muhammadu Buhari has jetted out of Nigeria to the United Kingdom on medical grounds.

Information obtained by LeadingReporter revealed that Aba Kyari who recently celebrated his 80th birthday will upon return have a good time with friends and family.

It would be recalled that Abba Kyari’s previous overseas treatment bill was allegedly paid from the purse of Nigeria High Commission in the United Kingdom. A situation that stirred controversy as to why the tax payers’ money should be used for paying bills of a political appointee of the President when provisions have been made to that effect in his salaries and allowances.

Again, the constant overseas treatment of President Buhari and his aids betrays his electoral promise that he and those who work with him would not seek foreign medical treatment.

In defending Abba Kyari in some of the controversies surrounding him such as the alleged collection of bribe from MTN amongst others, a Presidency spokesman described Abba Kyari as being paid well enough to collect bribe. A claim most Nigerians described as laughable