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Fear Of Manipulating Election Made APC Senators Vote Against Electronic Transfer Of Results


Subtleties arose on Wednesday on why representatives chose on the foundation of the decision All Pro­gressives Congress (APC) casted a ballot against electronic transmission of political race results last week.

Fifty APC congresspersons and two of their partners in the fundamental op­position Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) casted a ballot against the electronic transmission of political race brings about the impending general races, a choice that has been broadly denounced by Nigerians.

The congresspersons had insist­ed that the Independent National Electoral Com­mission (INEC) ought to be constrained to look for leeway from the Nigerian Com­munications Commission (NCC), while the National Assembly would need to endorse the decision of the NCC.

The Senate while con­sidering the Electoral Act 2010 Amendment Bill, had casted a ballot that “the commission (INEC) may consider elec­tronic transmission of re­sults, gave the public inclusion is decreed to be sufficient and secure by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) and endorsed by the National Assembly.”

While legitimizing the ac­tion of the officials who casted a ballot against the bill, Sen­ate President, Ahmad La­wan, had said that the upper chamber took the choice with regards to about portion of the Nigerian electors whose votes may not be checked with prompt organization or utilization of electronic transmission of political race results.

Notwithstanding, talking exclu­sively with Daily Indepen­dent on Wednesday, one of the representatives from the South-West, who was in Lagos for the Sallah break, said they together took the choice since they accept that Nigeria isn’t yet ready for electronic democratic and trans­mission of results.

While denying reports that the public administration of the gathering or the presi­dency commanded them to cast a ballot against the report, the positioning legislator said pri­or to the division between the APC and PDP lawmak­ers, the APC officials had before concurred that they were not on the side of elec­tronic casting a ballot as it is suscep­tible to being hacked.

He said the situation can without much of a stretch be controlled that the votes cast for a candi­date in APC can undoubtedly be controlled on the framework to go to PDP and the other way around.

“It isn’t right for anybody to say that we were requested by the administration or the gathering initiative to cast a ballot against electronic democratic and transmission of results. We are free leaning and remember, we have APC council in the Senate just as PDP gathering”.

All alone, we have concurred that electronic vot­ing on par with what it is has its own deficiencies which should be tended to before it very well may be received. If not, it can prompt unnatural birth cycle of equity as someone’s votes can be handily given to another.

“Aside the issue of cover­age which was referenced in the chamber, a large number of us, including PDP representatives accepted that PC can be hacked or controlled so that decisions in favor of applicant A can be changed to up-and-comer B. On the off chance that that occurs, how might it be turned around?

“As far as we might be concerned, while electronic democratic is acceptable, the manual alternative is as yet the best for the present since like it is done now, individuals will line, cast their polling form and it will be re­corded and relied on the spot. Everyone sees the re­sult and when it gets to the assemblage community, the specialists are there to screen if the outcomes announced at the poll­ing focuses are altered. You can’t do that with electronic democratic.

“There isn’t anything that can’t be hacked. In the event that you review, in 2015, INEC’s web­site was hacked and I think it was after that that they set up a more grounded instrument to forestall a future event. Anyway, in the event that it hap­pens now that a comput­er is hacked into and every one of the decisions in favor of a specific applicant is going to his adversary, how could that be halted?

“These are the issues a ton of Nigerians neglected to comprehend. Our col­leagues in the PDP know these things however they joint­ly consented to cast a ballot for it in order to score political focuses in light of the fact that they realize that is the thing that numerous Nigeri­ans need. Yet, you can see that in spite of that, not even every one of them decided in favor of it”, he said.

Talking with Daily Independent, Jimi Agbaje, previous governorship can­didate of the PDP in Lagos State, said by their activities, the National Assembly isn’t keen on extending majority rules system in the country.

“No, they didn’t han­dle the issue of electronic democratic well. They have not shown that they are inter­ested in extending democ­racy in the country. I can’t say now this is by and large what their choice was.

“I figure it would have been exceptional in the event that they have fears, they should pass on it to INEC to choose whether it is material or not. On the off chance that you have a circumstance where there is 90% inclusion, you don’t as a result of 10% toss out the whole framework. To say the least for the 10%, you can do manual.

“I unequivocally accept they ought to have passed on it to INEC as a self-governing body to choose whether it is possi­ble or not”, he said.

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