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Fashion Trend: The Plaid Takeover


Fashion is just amazing, how it converts one boring item and makes it the deal.

The plaid is one of those items, one of the biggest trend of 2018.

They are very flattering and easy to style, everyone is wearing them cause they have this dapper (for guys) and chick(for girls) vibe to them.

Plaids are being worn in so many ways, girls wear them with heels, sneakers, some go for relaxed and chic, others go for sleek office formal styles.

Most guys wear them with sneaker or dress shoes.

There is a reason why everyone’s wearing them, the plaid comes in more styles: brown check, black and white, coloured, elastic waistband, normal waistband, high waist, fitted…

These pants have come to stay!

The plaids, however, are not restricted to pants, more styles include blazers, head to toe, coats, skirts…

You just pick your thing and roll with it. There is a little something for any and all body types and style.

Take a look at these styles below…









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