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Fashion hazard: High heels embarrasses actress, Sophia Williams

Nollywood actresses, Sophia Williams, who is the ex-wife of producer Tchidi Chikere, has blamed “witches” after she fell into a drainage filled with stagnant water near her Church in Lagos with her high heel shoes.
The actress and skin care expert fell into the drainage as she was about to enter her car.
According to her, she believes the accident is a spiritual attack that came after series of nightmares she had.
Sophia Williams was however rushed to a nearby hospital where she was treated and discharged.
She shared the story on social media;
”Pls Join me in thanking God for saving me yesterday. As I spent my Easter Sunday at the hospital. Was coming out from the church after service in high spirit to go home n enjoy my food n chilled wine. Before this incident, I have been having this terrible nightmare consistently so I kept praying with my pastor. I came out of the church n was walking to the car park. Gbam! I fell into this gutter that is so deep and I shouted Jesusssss! How I didn’t see that gutter, up till now I can’t say� as God would have it, I didn’t fall entirely as one leg was inside n the other one outside, infact I don’t know how God did it for me cos it took 2 men to carry me up from there n put me in my car as I couldn’t walk or stand.. n my blood was everywhere, I was crying tears of joy n thanking God cos if I had entered completely inside that very deep gutter filled up with dirty stagnant water, it would have been another story! To cut the long story short I was rushed to the hospital n got treated n am perfectly fine just going through pains.. I can’t thank God enough for saving my life n to me is a testimony n I won’t hesitate to share! I decree that no weapon fashioned against me shall prosper! No enchantment n incantation from the evil one shall prevail over my life. I will not be intimidated by demonic nightmare cos my destiny is attached to God, I uproot n render all the evil plans over my life impotent.. thank you lord Jesus! Thank you Holy Spirit! Thank you almighty God!”.

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