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EXPOSED:There is a massive arrest in Ohafia Iga.Vigilante collaborate with Nig.SARS and Police.


Information reaching Abia Writer’s now said’s that “There is massive arrest in Ohafia lga.

Ohafia vigilant group in collaboration with nigeria SARS and mobile police, they are going from one building to another arresting Ohafia youth who were against the Nigeria police act in the incident that happened in Ohafia few weeks ago.

As it stands now 3 people have been arrested and no one know where they have been taken to and this forced came from Abuja to Ohafia with 4 hilux jeep to arrest our innocent youth in ohafia”

Please help me to share it every were to save the life’s of our young youths from the hand of the Nigerian Boko Haram military in SARS uniform.
Arinze chukwu reporting for Abia Writer’s.



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