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Explosion in Idika Kalu’s house: IPOB goes to court over allegation


THE Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has dragged the former Minister of Finance, Dr. Kalu Idika Kalu to court for allegedly accusing the pro –Biafra organization of being behind the recent explosion that rocked his house at Ohafia in Abia State. IPOB members on solidarity march for Trump IPOB media and publicity secretary, Comrade Emma Powerful in a statement yesterday said the allegation was an attempt by some Igbo to use IPOB to endear themselves to their Fulani masters. According to Powerful, IPOB had never met Kalu Idika Kalu and does not intend to meet with him for any reason, adding that by going to the extent of accusing IPOB of what it did not do, the former Minister was bent on destroying the popular agitation for freedom championed by IPOB. The statement by Powerful said: “We have instructed our lawyers to immediately commence a legal action at Abia State High Court to compel Kalu Idika Kalu to substantiate his allegations. “We are suing him for defamation and libel to serve as a warning to others who might wish to use the sacred name of IPOB to gain undue relevance in Nigeria. “Is it not bizarre that the said residence of Kalu Idika Kalu is beside Ohafia military barracks? So how come the army never reported any explosion, neither did the police make any statement before today? “The said incident was said to have occurred on or about the 29th of April 2018 and how come it is only now that he is making a public statement? “We know the race is on to perfect another invasion and occupation of Biafraland, courtesy of the antics of some of Igbo, but one thing we are promising them is that their plans will never work. Who knows, one day they may say that IPOB is responsible for the Fulani herdsmen attacks. “We challenge people to come and tell the world if IPOB has ever approached them in private or public to solicit for funds or asked for moral support. “We will never soil our hands by dinning with contaminated people who have spent their whole lives serving their Fulani masters from the north. “The fact that Kalu Idika Kalu said IPOB approached him for financial support confirms that he is a liar. We shall see him in court to tell us where, when and how.” He said that IPOB was still mourning the death of many young people and disappearance of its leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, as a result of Operation Python Dance which, he said, some Igbo men planned and executed. He urged Kalu Idika Kalu not to dabble in IPOB issues, warning that this generation of Biafrans would not allow themselves to be bought, blackmailed or cajoled into joining the way of life of some Igbo. “Any day IPOB abandons the path of non-violent agitation, the world will know about it. We don’t hide who we are,” he stated.


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