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Encourage Inter-Ethnic Marriages To Prevent Secession – Lai Mohammed Tells Religious, Traditional Leaders


The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, has asked strict and conventional rulers to support between ethnic relationships to soak the pressure of withdrawal.

The priest added that the individuals who support detachment and severance will be quick to flee when any issue begins.

Mohammed, who talked on Sunday in Lagos when he showed up on Bond FM radio program, “Ibi Abasede”, asked Nigerians not to tune in to advertisers of withdrawal.

He added that the Nigerian government was striving to improve public safety and forestall all severance inclinations.

He said, “That we have identity issues; it isn’t new. Native People of Biafra, Boko Haram and rancher herders conflicts are not new; all we should do is to search for the path forward. We know about them, the public authority is working. Severance isn’t the exit from our difficulties. You don’t fix migraine by decapitating the patient. The things that join us in Nigeria are more than which separate us.

“Strict pioneers and conventional pioneers are to energize what the constitution says about between ethnic union with hinder withdrawal. The individuals who support partition and severance will be quick to flee when any issue begins.

“We ought not hear them out as a significant number of them have around four travel papers of different nations,” he said.

As indicated by him, if the offspring of the poor are eager and not taught, the rich won’t rest.

He added that the gathering likewise suggested the enlistment of more cops and more preparing for security work force.

“The partners likewise suggested that security agents be outfitted with present day hardware to support effectiveness important to win the trust and certainty of individuals,” he said.

Mohammed said the partners suggested state police and the requirement for the National Assembly and state gatherings to help it “since all security is neighborhood”. He added that the gathering likewise suggested that conventional pioneers ought to be urged to play out their allocated jobs in accordance with the 1979 constitution.

He said the gathering additionally prescribed offering self-sufficiency to nearby governments and permitting their legal assignments to go straightforwardly to them for security, schooling and infrastructural advancement at the grassroots.

“The partners additionally suggested the foundation of farms and touching stores with essential conveniences like water, training and medical services offices for people and animals,” Mohammed further said.


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