Business is booming.

Employers who fail to pay their employees on time risk a one-month jail sentence.


Place of Delegates has passed for second perusing a bill to restrict late installment of pay rates, underpayment of wages, benefits and different remittances in Nigeria.

The bill supported by the Speaker, Femi Gbajabiamila was passed for second perusing on Tuesday following the discussion on the overall rule of the bill..

The bill tries to disallow representatives from owing compensations and different remittances. The bill is recommending discipline for such businesses. For example, owing pay rates above 60days, such a business gambles with 30 days detainment.

Segment 2 of the bill gives that “Each business of work in Nigeria, whether private or public, and whether it is utilizing any specialist on long-lasting or contract premise should guarantee that all installment of wages, pay rates, annuity and all advantages to laborers are paid expeditiously right away week after week, fortnightly month to month, quarterly or yearly as might be concurred by parties in the agreement of work of the extra people”

Moreover, the bill precludes erratic and cruel derivation as discipline in case of harms and carelessness by a worker.

Segment 3(1) says “a business is disallowed from going into any agreement with any laborer for any allowance from the aggregate contracted to be paid by the business to the worker, or any installment to the business by the worker for in regard of terrible careless work or injury to the material or property of the business or in regard of any fine.”

The bill was alluded to the advisory group of the entire as it was not discussed.


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