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Emir Sanusi Finally Rips The Veil Off, Reveals Those That Are Responsible For The Problems In Nigeria


The Emir of Kano, His Royal Highness, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi on Friday claimed that the high rate of kidnapping, thuggery

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and corruption among other crimes are brought about by the political class.

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Sanusi, who is additionally a previous Central Bank Governor (CBN), added that the judiciary has been destroyed by the political class.

He made this statement amid his location in Abuja as the key note speaker at the Ansar-ud-deen Society of Nigeria’s ninth triennial National meeting with the topic: Justice, equity and peaceful co-existence: ideals and reality in a multi -religious nation.

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The Emir was represented by a senior speaker, Department of Islamic Studies, Bayero University kano, Dr. Bashiru Umar,

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said Nigeria needs individuals who are focused on equity also adding that all hand must be on deck for a positive change.

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He stated that the political class has destroyed such a large number of things in this nation. The wellbeing framework has been obliterated. Individuals currently travel abroad for medical attention.

This political class has initiated thuggery, race acts of neglect, has organized corruption. They have additionally annihilated the judiciary. Organizations have been annihilated.

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Also, interestingly, it is intended to be never-ending and the control of these things has been the wellspring of criminal brutality, frailty in our general public, innate conflicts, religious emergency. One emergency will decrease another will jump up.

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“There is presently hijacking among different violations because of the elites. This needs to change. We ought to gain from our maker.

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“We have to spare this our general public from fast approaching pulverization. We should bolster those supporting the reason for equity. We should face battle defilement on earth.


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