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EFCC Impeding Me From Presidential Screening : Okorocha


A previous legislative leader of Imo State and Official wannabe of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Rochas Okorocha, has raised the caution that he’s as of now under attack.

Okorocha, who addressed columnists at his Maitama home in Abuja, approached the partners in the country to persuade the agents of EFCC to abandon his home.

The legislator asked why his home would be attacked on the screening day of the multitude of Official wannabes of APC, saying he never got any greeting or got court summons from any quarters.

“Talking, the circumstance I, to be honest, end up is what is going on of what I call prisoner. Cops and EFCC agents are as of now in my compound and they need to potentially whisk me away… my door is obstructed.

“All I’m requesting now is to permit me to go for my screening since I’m an Official wannabe and our political decision comes up on Sunday. In the event that I am not permitted to go for this screening, I could miss it.

“I’m not an obscure individual in the country. I have a location and people know me in the country. All the stuff for the EFCC is to send me a greeting and I will happily oblige,” the legislator said.

Day to day Trust reports that the counter unite organization has built up greater security agents who were all the while laying attack to the lawmaker’s home as of the hour of recording this report.


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