DSP Omo-Agege: Message to IYC, Ijaw Nation.


Did I read IYC say Omo-Agege should be DSP to entire N’Delta? I urge the DSP to fulfill the expectation, but let me ask IYC:

You claim the Presidential Amnesty Programme, PAP, is for entire N’Delta, but how come since inception, successive Coordinators, Presidential Advisers on N’Delta, have always been Ijaws?

Even all key projects, contracts, appointments, including PAs, SAs that PAP Office and as well Area Offices of the agency, have always been exclusively Ijaws except for a few Northerners forced on the system.

I still won’t expect Agege to be DSP to entire N’Delta, but it’s enough to let IYC & Ijaws @ large know they are too selfish and have no moral justification to demand that Agege serves as DSP for entire N’Delta.

Asawana! Aaaannn Izon!! Izon kememieeee. My brothersiee, una too dey selfixieee.

Written by — Wilson Yafugborhi