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Donald Glover You just have to watch the music video the world is raving about ‘This is America’


Amercian rapper, Donald Glover, premiered two new songs over the weekend and also released the video for one of the singles, ”This is America”.

The video, choreographed by Sherrie Silver and directed by Hiro Murai, infuses the story of present day America as he sees it in its four minute long run, and has ended up striking nerves and shaking tables in different institutions.

In the video, the rapper paints the picture of racism, brutality and gun violence as it persists on the streets of America with clear references to Black Lives Matter, the Civil Rights movement and more.

How Twitter users have responded to the video

Everyone has already said it, I just can’t let the weekend end without saying it….DONALD GLOVER is the bar.

 Pretty sure we should all just quit and start letting @donaldglover make everything.#ThisIsAmerica
  Bravery meets creativity is Donald Glover
?. Apparently half of twitter thinks that I’m Trayvon Martins father and the other half is defending me and letting the world know I’m not.

The Grammy Award nominee delivered a master class in simplicity as the video shot in a warehouse covers a lot of layers and behind the scene themes delivering great art at a much needed time.Image result for Donald Glover You just have to watch the music video the world is raving about 'This is America'

The video has garnered more than 13million views on YouTube since its release barely 24hours ago, making it one of the biggest first day views this year.


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