DJ Khaled has revealed he’s writing a song for Eminem which he’s hoping he’ll take.

The ‘Wild Thoughts’ hitmaker has previously revealed his desire to work with the rap legend, but after finally meeting him at the iHeart Music Awards recently, he’s been inspired to write a song for the ‘Lose Yourself’ hitmaker.

The 42-year-old producer told “I finally met him the other day at the iHeart Music Awards, but I didn’t really get a chance to talk to him, talk to him.

“The next step, I think, is for me to deliver something that he’ll love to get on.

“I’m friends with his manager and I’m going to reach out to him and I’m going to send him something.

“Hopefully, he’ll like to get on it. I just want to make sure when I send it, it’s the one.

“Throughout the years, I’ve been telling you I’ve been trying to get him on records. I had the ones, but now, I’m working on the new album, so I want to create the new one. Hopefully, he’s willing to work and again, I’m a big fan. He’s somebody that I haven’t worked with yet, and I would love to pull it off.”

It comes after Khaled revealed he is planning “something monumental” for his Kendrick Lamar collaboration.

He said: “We’ve been talking about it. I know when I do get my opportunity to present something with Khaled and Kendrick, I want it to be something monumental … and I got something up my sleeve.”

The ‘Do You Mind’ also teased that his duet with Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B is “top secret”.

He said: “Everything’s top secret, [but] I can tell you this: J.Lo’s got some new music coming.

“I want to thank J.Lo for letting me be one of the producers among other great ones, and a feature on the record. I’m grateful”.