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Diezani Stole too much money. –Magu Tell UN,UK.Demand her Handover–Magu


The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has appealed to the United Kingdom to extradite ex-Minister of Petroleum Resources, Diezani Alison-Madueke, to Nigeria to account for the missing public money linked to her.

Speaking to reporters in Kaduna on Monday, the acting chairman of the anti-corruption body, Ibrahim Magu, claimed Alison-Madueke stole “not less than $2.5bn.”

He said Nigeria needed the money to boost its economy.

Magu said it was “unfortunate she has a generation of looters supporting her.”

The EFCC chief added, “I was in London this year, we did an investigation together with the UK team, and anywhere I go I always call for the extradition of corrupt Nigerians to return (stolen) money.

“This woman (Alison-Madueke) has stolen so much, not less than $2.5bn, but unfortunately she has a generation of looters who are supporting her. This is not good.

“We are in touch with the international community, she is under protective custody, otherwise, we would have arrested her and bring her to Nigeria.”

Magu said corruption was surmountable, noting that in 2019, a total of 1,218 convictions were secured by the commission.

He said, “We will not allow corruption to work here in Nigeria because it is destructive and disastrous. We blocked several accounts.”

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  1. Lastdon says

    Even you magu how much have stoled from Nigeria corrupted politicians? Even as illustrate chairman of virus tracker crazy illiteracy on the throne

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