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Devil is doing everything possible to destroy Nigeria and it won’t work, says Gov Umahi


Ebonyi State Governor, Chief David Umahi on Friday said that the devil is doing everything possible to destroy Nigeria.

Umahi spoke following the spate of killings in Nigeria, especially in Ebonyi where lots of lives have been wasted over land disputes,

Umahi made this known while addressing stakeholders of Ikwo and Izzi/ Abakaliki local government areas of the state at the exco-chambers, government house Abakaliki, capital of Ebonyi State.

The governor noted that Ebonyi would go into war with Cross River State if the President Muhammadu Buhari fails to settle land dispute in the area, which according him had claimed lots of lives and led to destruction of valued properties.

He also berated the former governor of the state, Chief Martin Elechi for allegedly asserting that, the crisis rocking his village (Ndufu Alike Ikwo) is politically motivated.

He said: “we are all pretending and the useless elder like Martin Elechi will be there saying that it was politically motivated. A governor of a place that was in office and he could not solve a problem in his community, he covered it and left. And he has the audacity to be calling people and be talking rubbish with his mouth. I do not know why God is so merciful to wicked people, otherwise, he would not have the mouth to say it. The press you can report it.

“It is terrible that a governor cannot solve a problem that happened in his community. And now the problem is growing. No amount of office that worth the lives of people. Is it not a human being that will be President?. That child I saw they killed, do you know what he will be?

“When we came into office, the land was cursed because of the amount of blood that came on the land. Those human blood that spills on the land cries out. The young lady that I saw that died, the vice principal taken and slaughtered, a man or woman and their children taken and slaughtered for what.

“We are no longer talking about the disputed land because the government has taken it over. Land is no longer the issue. This killing did not happen on the land. Nobody from Ikwo or Abakaliki told me that anybody has entered the land. I do not want to bring curse on the land.

“Ikwo people and Izzi people should understand that I am the chief security officer. And they should know that we are protecting ourselves from the Cross Rivers, we have had meeting. This crisis is a slap on my face and by letting me know that I know what is going on. The next time they cry out to me, I will not listen to them.

“The other day, I was in Abuja, I spoke over ten minutes before the president. I warned that Ebonyi will go to war with Cross River if the President did not call for a meeting between us to stop the killing of our people. And the president was moved and has written that we will meet in May.

“I know the amount of resources, I am putting in Ikwo, Abakaliki and Izzi. One slot takes ten million naira to the soldiers and one slot takes ten million to the police. There is no amount of police or army that can cover the vast land that I saw today. If the Izzi people and Ikwo people agree to live together, that is where we will have peace.

“We have gone there three times and set up a committee, but when it was delaying, we did a proclamation and took over the land. The provocation is so terrible. One party went to the other party and killed. There is no way the amount of killings on both sides can be equal, but forgiveness should rule over our lives. Human lives no longer worth anything. I look at it beyond misunderstanding. I see the hand of the devil in this country.

“I see the devil doing everything to destroy this country, otherwise there is no reason for an Ikwo man to kill an Izzi man. And we have war with Cross River. Is Ikwo saying that if Cross River comes to wipe Abakaliki people, they will fold their arms and vice versa,” he stated.


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