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Democracy day: Joe Igbokwe hails President Buhari, “Says we are Nigerians, not Biafrans”.


The special adviser to the Lagos State government on drainage and environmental sanitation, Mr. Joe Igbokwe on June 12th, 2020 being the Nigerian democracy day hailed President Muhammadu Buhari over his numerous projects in Igbo land, decline being a Biafran but a true citizen of Nigeria.

Igbokwe made the statement during his meeting with the ndi Igbo in APC, Lagos State chapter where they celebrated the democracy day.

According to him “As your former leader, I admonish you all not to play tribal politics. That is the reason why ndi Igbo are crying of marginalization today, because they specializes in such type of politics. What APC government has done for our people, no government in Nigeria has ever done.

“No Igbo man or woman today, will say he or she has not seen the ongoing second Niger Bridge project and all the good roads and hospitals built by President Muhammadu Buhari, yet they choose agitation over common sense.

“I have continued both on my social handles and TV Broadcasts to educate them, especially our youths that are being used by Nnamdi Kanu to be terrorizing the whole country why Nigeria is indivisible. Only those who are learned among them are the ones seeing reasons with me. This country was blessed with a pragmatic leader in 2015 and that man has turned this country around for good. His projects are speaking for him. This President is indeed a man sent to change Nigeria for good.

“All of us sitting here today are all Nigerians, not Biafrans because there’s no nation in the world called Biafra. Though Ojukwu tried his best to bring Biafra but it didn’t work because we his people don’t need it, Nigeria is so large to accommodate all of us. Uwazuruike started his own, where is he today?Now Nnamdi Kanu feels he can give them Biafra through insults and terrorism, within a very period of time now IPOB will become a thing of the past. What Jonathan couldn’t do for them, a non tribalistic leader is doing it, yet our people are not satisfied.

“Whenever I am talking, I talk with facts and figures because I am an elder and elders don’t sit down and watch their children go astray. We the ndi Igbo in APC have chosen light over darkness and in one Nigeria we pledge our loyalty. Together we build Nigeria of our dreams”


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