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“Dangers Ahead over Buhari Victory”-Galadima


Sometimes I ask myself whether this Nigerians.its obvious yesterday and everybody see the truth but the ability to say it was the problem.

The Nigerians CJN is the problem of this country and the down fall of our people. Due to bribery by Buhari to the new CJN caaues Nigerians pains. Nigerians is full of corrupt leaders.

All the evidence proven right in court yesterday but there was fear in their mind over the decision to declared Atiku as the winner.

There is no way I will regard him as Nigerians president because Buhari did not have the capacity to lead people.they all knows if they fail to declared him as the winner he will kill all or send them to prison.

Nnamdi Kanu the great leader of IPOB said that Nigeria is a zoo and it proved to me yesterday that Nigerian is really a zoo.

If you ask me,let Nigeria break so that everybody can managed their resources because this humiliation is too much. I don’t believed we practice democracy at all. A man said fighting corruption and he the master of corruption. Nobody can fight corruption as far Nigeria concerns.


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