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Crisis in the PDP: Wike vows to stay in the party


Rivers State Lead representative Nyesom Wike expresses in opposition to certain assumptions, he and his followers in Rivers State won’t leave the People groups Democratic Party (PDP) however stay to proceed with the battle for interior majority rules government.

Lead representative Wike expressed this during a gathering with partners of the party across the 319 dependents of the government at the Meal Hall of the Public authority House in Port Harcourt on Thursday.

He expressed withdrawing from a battle is an indication of shortcoming. The gathering was to brief the party chiefs on the new happenings in the party and cozy them of the arrangement by the Lead representative to hold a media visit tomorrow at 10 am to talk on the condition of the PDP in the country.

Wike said the arranged media visit is to distribute his side of the story, which he kept up with is reality, and uncover the evil characters of certain people who pride themselves as public pioneers.

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As indicated by him, after the visit, it will be left for Nigerians to choose if such individuals are as yet deserving of the applause they are concurred. Lead representative Wike asked why the PDP which is promising to bind together Nigeria, can’t join the party.

Lead representative Wike says regardless of the inside emergency at the public level and a pocket of threat by some selfish PDP individuals in Rivers Express, the party will hold all elective situations in the state.

The PDP is presently possessing all three senatorial seats, 13 Place of Delegates positions, 32 state Place of Gathering seats, 23 Board chairmanship and 319 councilorship positions.

Wike, a previous minister, bragged being great in front of his doubters, saying he hears about each arrangement before it is executed.

He additionally cautioned party individuals in the state against going about as moles since there will be no escape clauses in the methodology that will be taken on by the party in the state for the 2023 races.

In the mean time, the Executive of the PDP in Rivers State, Envoy Desmond Akawor, expresses individuals from the party in the State are focused on supporting the political standards of Lead representative Wike and will submit to his directions on the following line of activities in front of the races.

Akawor, a previous Nigerian Envoy to South – Korea, says the party is satisfied with the manner in which Lead representative Wike has been running the state both in organization and legislative issues.

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