Business is booming.

Court ordered the NDLEA to burn cocaine, and 27.5kg of it was kept as evidence.


Cases and implications that @ndlea_nigeria has annihilated all medication displays recuperated from the Ikorodu cocaine stockroom are bogus and misdirecting. Our assertion on the public obliteration plainly expresses that the request to annihilate the seizure was given by a Federal High Court Lagos

  1. The assertion further expresses that a part of the medication seizure is gotten to arraign the suspects in court. As a feature of straightforwardness and in accordance with legitimate methodology, the suspects were taken to the scene of public obliteration to observe amount annihilated
  2. What’s more, sign declaration of annihilation. As a matter of fact, 27.5kg of the cocaine has been gotten with the end goal of indictment. Those making unwarranted cases clearly didn’t peruse our previous assertion or doing that because of wickedness. Kindly dismissal their misrepresentation

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