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Councilor Abdul Adamu Kinkiba Captured With AK-47 Close to Kaduna Criminals’ Lair


Security agents positioned around Galadimawa pivot of Giwa Neighborhood Government Area of Kaduna have captured Abdul Adamu Kinkiba, Councilor of Soba Nearby Government Region of the state.

Kinkiba was apparently captured with an AK 47 near a cave of the desperados threatening occupants.

Sources said the councilor was conveying the firearm on a cruiser when he was captured.

As per a vigilante source, Kinkiba said the weapon was given to him by someone who he was unable to recollect his name.

“He said he was informed that the weapon was intended for the guard of somebody. As per him, he was told to stop following the scaffold close to Galadimawa timberland (a known refuge of scoundrels), where someone would gather the firearm.”

The director of Soba neighborhood government region, Architect Suleiman Yahaya Richifa, affirmed that the suspect is the councilor addressing Kinkiba ward in the board.

He, be that as it may, declined to talk further, adding, “I’m in not kidding anguish about the news. Kindly permit me to conquer my shock.”

Everyday Trust comprehends that the suspect has been taken to the Kaduna State Police Order base camp for additional cross examination.

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