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Coronavirus is a lie, it is a Plan to kill Muslims – Islamic Leader


Sheikh Sani Yahaya Jingir, Leader of Izala Muslim sect in Plateau State, during a sermon to his followers on Izala TV said the deadly coronavirus is an international deceit from the western world.

Jingir said it was a western conspiracy to stop Muslims from performing their religious rites, noting that the virus, was a lie.


“My religion of Islam is greater than my life; my president. No one can stop me from performing salat(prayer). Trump was amazed when he saw the circumambulation around the Kaaba in Mecca during his visit to Saudi Arabia.”

“He(Trump) therefore, vowed to stop it. Prophet Ibrahim (AS)has already prayed for the safety and security of Mecca.

“So, whoever believes in Trump’s coronavirus and stopped praying in the holy mosque in Mecca, should seek forgiveness and open the two holy mosques for the Muslims to pray.”

“Is the virus as effective as fire that couldn’t burn Prophet Ibrahim( AS)? Then the virus is a lie. Whatever you will say, say the truth…a professor has said it was a lie…I’m sure some have heard him.

“President of Turkey declared that they shouldn’t stop the Juma’at congregation because of coronavirus. That they don’t believe in the virus, they only believe in Allah.

“Another country in Europe also took the same path. Ask President Trump. This coronavirus that was written in a book 39 years ago, is it now that they are unveiling it. How many graves of coronavirus victims have you seen. How many of the victims have you seen in hospitals?

“We were witnessed to the cholera epidemic in Kano and we saw how massive burials were done. We saw the graves. But where are those of coronavirus victims?

“Personally, to me, coronavirus is a lie. Every Muslim knows that Dujjal will appear at the end of the world, this Dujjal is a liar; a worthless liar who will appear and claim to be God. He has one eye and will travel round the world in 40 days.

“Dujjai will come to the world and deceive people with lies. So, those who were misled by Trump’s coronavirus will easily be misled by Dujjal.

“Prophet Muhammad(SAW)has said that the first thing a man will be judged with hereafter is the salat. Now they are toying with our salat.

” coronavirus is an international deceit from the western world”


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