Business is booming.

Coronavirus Hits CNN,Richard Quest Test positive amongst others


CNN’s Richard Quest announced Monday he tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

“I have caught coronavirus. I am blessed in that I have few symptoms – just a cough. I am saving my prayers and thoughts for those less fortunate,” he wrote on Twitter.

The longtime anchor added some timely advice for dealing with the pandemic: “Stay in. And protect lives

Quest is a familiar face to anyone interested in business news: Back in 2016, he told TheWrap, “I have covered every financial crisis since Black Monday in 1987.”

He isn’t the first from CNN’s on-air talent roster to announce he’s tested positive for the virus: Primetime anchor Chris Cuomo and afternoon anchor Brooke Baldwin also both received positive diagnoses in recent weeks. Baldwin, for her part, opened up this weekend about the physical and mental turmoil she endured as she fought the effects of the coronavirus in a new personal essay, saying that the novel disease “took a full two-week beating on my body” but also taught her an important lesson on “the gift of connection.”

“It took a full two-week beating on my body. I went to some very dark places, especially at night. Evenings would bring on an eerie melancholy, which was particularly odd for me — a glass-half-full/chemically blessed kind of gal,”


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