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Chike Ukaegbu 35-year-old declares to take Buhari’s job in 2019


Chike Ukaegbu 35-year-old declares to take Buhari’s job in 2019

35-year-old Chike Ukaegbu has announced his decision to run for president in the 2019 presidential election and displace incumbent, Muhammadu Buhari.

The Owerri-born US-based technology entrepreneur announced his decision to run for Nigeria’s highest office last week, noting that he hopes to become the country’s youngest civilian president.

He said, “Nigeria needs a visionary leader now more than ever. This is our time and I am the right choice to lead our nation.”35-year-old declares to take Buhari's job in 2019

Ukaegbu believes Nigeria suffers from its lack of focus in pivotal areas such as technology, education and entrepreneurship, a situation he said has to change with the election of competent leaders.

He said, “For every powerful nation since industrialisation, the pillars of sustenance, competitiveness and wealth have been technology, education and entrepreneurship.

“Education, because it prepares the people to identify, understand, tackle and address their problems. Technology, because it drives innovation and revolutionary advancements that solve these problems. Entrepreneurship, because it creates communal wealth from identified solutions to problems. These three pillars are interdependent and serve as the foundation on which all other elements of greatness are built upon.

“In all three, Nigeria lags behind, as it stands at an unfamiliar crossroad of two dissimilar paths. If the country is to be salvaged, then we all need to arise and elect Nigerians who have the vision, strategy and compassion needed to serve and lead the people.”

Over the years, Ukaegbu has presented speeches that covered strategies on engaging untapped communities through technology, education and entrepreneurship, building out tech ecosystems and investments in Nigeria and Africa, innovation, entrepreneurship, afrofuturism, diversity and inclusion, and more.

He’s made these speeches at several prestigious institutions and conferences including The US-Nigeria Investment Summit, Africa Trade Investment Global Summit, The White House, TEDx, Tech and Venture Capital conferences, Harvard, NYU, Columbia, CCNY, University of Rochester, the Africa Investment Summit in Marrakech, Morocco among others.

Ukaegbu joins a list of young, politically-inexperienced Nigerians that have declared to run for the presidency and mount pressure on 75-year-old Buhari.

Fela DurotoyeProf. Kingsley MoghaluAhmed Buhari,omoyele Sowore,Yul Edochie are some of the other candidates that’ll be going up against the president next year.

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