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Chibok Student Eight Years After Kidnapping In Borno Rescued by Armed forces


Troops have found one of the students snatched by Boko Haram fear mongers in Borno, over eight years after they were grabbed from the Chibok people group in the northeastern state.

The Nigerian Armed force revealed this on Wednesday through its virtual entertainment handles where it shared an image of the young woman recognized as Mary.

As per the military, Mary was found with her child on Tuesday by troops of 26 Team Detachment while on the lookout around Ngoshe – a town in Borno State

“Troops of 26 Team Detachment on the lookout around Ngoshe in Borno State on 14 June 2022 caught one Mrs Mary Ngoshe and her child,” the military said on its Facebook page.

“She is accepted to be one of the snatched young ladies from GGSS Chibok in 2014. Further double-dealing continuous.”

Nigeria recorded one of its most exceedingly awful kidnappings on April 14, 2014, when Boko Haram radicals attacked the Government Young ladies Auxiliary School in Chibok, and snatched in excess of 200 understudies all the while.

The school was said to have been shut for half a month due to disintegrating security conditions at that point, however understudies – matured somewhere in the range of 16 and 18 – came around to take their end of the year tests.

Following their snatching, 57 of the students got away from while heading to the area, where they would be held hostage by their abductors.

Over the long run, a few others recovered opportunity either by getting away or being delivered by the guerillas because of talks with the Federal Government.

While scores of others are accepted to in any case be in bondage, the circumstance started shock inside and outside Nigeria, to requires the arrival of the young ladies by different people and groups, including a former First Woman of the US, Michelle Obama.


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