Business is booming.

Check out the first episode of Style 411 with Rhoda Ebun


 Celebrity stylist Rhoda Ebun is back with a new show that is here to solve all your styling dilemnas. Check out the first episode of Style 411 which discusses ‘WeekWorkWear 9-5Chic‘.

Are you the typical 9-5 working girl?

Do you work in a corporate environment?

Do you always get flak from the HR team for not dressing appropriately?

Are you representing your company in a business forum or seminar?


Dressing for work doesn’t have to feel boring and uninspiring. Get inspired on what to wear to work from Monday to Friday in this episode of 1WeekWorkWear for the 9-5 chic.

Take a look at the video and grab some tips on how to polish up for work!


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