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CBN Spends N58.6 Billion To Print 2.5 Billion Pieces Of Naira Notes


By Emma Ujah, Abuja Bureau Chief

The Central Bank of Nigeria spent the amount of N58.618 billion to print 2.518 billion Naira notes, esteemed at 1. 063 trillion in, 2020.

This was contained in the bank’s 2020 Currency Report posted on its site.

It demonstrated an abatement in the bank’s consumption on money printing, which remained at N75. 523 billion, in 2019 and N64. 040 billion, in 2018.

The current administration of the CBN under the authority of Mr. Godwin Emefiele, has been driving the credit only arrangement with the end goal of reducing the expense of printing monetary certificates and money the board, in the country. The new e-Naira was likewise started in accordance with the approach.

As per the report, “The absolute expense brought about on printing of banknotes in 2020 added up to N58,618.50 million, contrasted and N75,523.50 million out of 2019, showing a reduction of ₦16,905.00 million or 28.84 percent.”

CBN demonstrated in the report that the notes were imprinted in-country by the Nigerian Security Printing and Minting Plc (NSPM Plc).

The report demonstrated that CBN, “endorsed an indent of 2,518.68 million bits of banknotes of different sections in 2020 to fulfill the cash needs of the economy, contrasted and 3,830.94 million in the previous year.

“The NSPM Plc was granted the agreement for the creation of the whole indent. At end-December 2020, NSPM Plc had conveyed 100% of the endorsed indent.”

It put the all out load of money (issuable and non-issuable) in the vaults of the bank at end December, 2020 at 2.747 billion pieces, contrasted and 2.641 billion pieces in 2019, showing an increment of 105.73 million pieces or 4.00 percent.

“At end-December, 2020, the all out issuable notes (recently printed notes and Counted Audited Clean notes) was 592.94 million pieces, contrasted and 726.43 million pieces in 2019, addressing a reduction of 133.49 million pieces or 18.38 percent,” the report showed.


The report additionally demonstrated that a sum of $1.830 billion was acquired throughout 2020.

As indicated by the report, “This worth addresses a reduction of USD2,120.00 million or 53.67 percent comparative with the USD3,950.00 million secured in 2019.

“This was utilized to support Bureaux De Change (BDC) tasks, installment of estacode and Personal Travel Allowances (PTA) to Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs).”

CBN said that the receipt and confirmation of unfamiliar cash stores by Deposit Money Banks (DMBs) diminished fundamentally because of the decline in worldwide exchange 2020.

Cash available for use

The report showed, notwithstanding, that Currency-in-Circulation (CIC) expanded by 19.06 percent from N2.441 trillion at end December, 2019 to N2 .907 trillion at end-December 2020.

“The development in CIC mirrored the proceeded with predominance of money in the economy. Investigation of the CIC shows that a more noteworthy extent was in higher section banknotes (N100, N200, N500 and N1000).

“The higher category banknotes together represented 63.47 percent and 98.08 percent of the all out CIC, as far as volume and worth, individually. The volume of lower category banknotes (N5, N10, N20, N50), represented 28.43 percent of the all out CIC and 1.92 percent, as far as worth as at end-December 2020.”

Cash handled

In 2020, an aggregate of 173,585 boxes of banknotes esteemed at N980. 758 billion was handled, contrasted and 260,651 boxes of banknotes esteemed at N1. 533 trillion of every 2019.

This addresses a reduction of 33.40 percent in the quantity of boxes or N552. 971 billion in worth of handled banknotes.

Fake Notes decline

On fake notes, the report showed that an aggregate of 67,265 bits of fake notes with an ostensible worth of N56.83 million was seized in 2020, demonstrating a 20.80 percent decline in volume and 12.18 percent decline in esteem, contrasted and 84,934 pieces esteemed at N64.71 million of every 2019.

It said, “The Global norm for the quantity of fake per million is 100. The proportion of fake notes to volume of banknotes available for use was 13 pieces for each million out of 2020, contrasted with 20 pieces for every million banknotes in 2019.

The N1000 and N500 sections comprised the most duplicated, representing 69.06 percent and 30.79 percent, of the complete fake notes in 2020, individually.

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