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Can You Identify Your Style?


Seasons may come and go but style is forever. How style is achieved is something that cannot be taught, or at least it should not be, because style, believe or not, is in our genes.

A person least enthusiastic about fashion will believe that style has nothing to do with them. However, that is not true because, as long as you select and wear clothes, you are making a style choice. Despite, how out-of-touch it may seem and uninterested you may be.

To become fully confident in what you choose to wear, you must first know your style. This is not a your-find-your-style-guide but a guide to know which style you already have and how to fully embrace it.

Here are a few style categories you may fall into:


This fashion style encompasses classy and a bit of glamour. The chic style is clean, somewhat minimal in aesthetics and well-tailored. Elegance and smart-looking are what a chic person aims to achieve while keeping comfort in mind.

A typical chic look could be well tailored white trousers paired with a button-down black shirt. This look is clean, minimal and timeless; it cuts across everything a chic person aspires to.

Rita Dominic in a chic look.

Jim Iyke looking chic.


Androgynous style for a woman means wearing men-inspired clothing and vice versa for a man. This is not to be confused with cross-dressing, which means men wearing clothes meant for women or vice versa.

The key with androgyny is taking inspiration from the opposite sex’s style. This could be anything from strong blazers for women, to short shorts for men.

Janelle Monae in a power suit.

Noble Igwe in short shorts.


Some people are unaware of this style identity. You hear people say things like: “I am not interested in fashion, I just throw on a T-shirt and denim trousers with sandals and I’m out of the door.”

Even when you make these choices that might seem menial to you, you’ve actually made a style choice. This look is laid-back, with no fuss and minimal effort needed. A casual style is no less important than other more complicated styles; it is just a preference.

Toke Makinwa rocking a casual look.

Uti Nwachukwu in a casual look.

What is your style?


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