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Business drivers fight in Onitsha over Soludo’s N25,000 new assessment/Tax rate


Business drivers in Anambra State under the aegis of Fundamental Market Electrical Drivers Government assistance Affiliation, MEDWAS, yesterday, left on a serene exhibit over Lead representative Chukwuma Soludo’s proposed new duty of N25,000 each month.

The exhibit practice was launched by the drivers when MEDWAS director, Mr. Michael Mbele informed them and affirmed that plans had been closed to begin implementing the installment after a gathering with a group of state government authorities from Awka.

As per Mbele, “I didn’t give the order in my ability, I just gave the data gave over to me by a group of state government authorities after talks were hung on the new proposed charge rate.

“As a driver as well, I feel that the new expense of N25,000 is on the rooftop tops and I’m likewise approaching the state government to have a reconsider on the execution, which could prompt really experiencing with respect to the drivers.”

Notwithstanding, the drivers, who didn’t take the improvement benevolent, rioted, requesting explanation from Lead representative Soludo, who had suspended the installment of any type of expense and duty until he as of late declared the presentation of a digitalized installment framework, which as indicated by a representative of the fighting drivers, Mr. Magnus Embankment ordered them to pay N4,000 month to month to a confidential firm set up by the state government to gather charge for its sake.

“At the point when Soludo came into power, he cautioned us to quit making good on duties or tolls to anyone and furthermore let us know that another duty pace of N4,000 consistently under another digitalized installment plot, which we as a whole consented to yet we were stunned when our Director let us know that, hence. we will presently pay N25,000 per month.

“The vast majority of us don’t claim the vehicles, we work on a recruit buy plot. How then might we at any point pay the proprietors, and battle for our families? Satisfy we point out Soludo’s our situation, we are curious as to whether this new mandate is from him through a solid channel of correspondence like the paper or radio,” Barrier said.

While complimenting the lead representative for his endeavors such a long ways in reestablishing mental soundness on the streets another driver, Mr Chuks Nnadozie, pursued for a decrease in the new expense because of the terrible streets in the state.

“The streets are awful, the traffic circumstance is deteriorating and we are finding it hard to make as a lot number of excursions as in the past, in this way, it’s significant the public authority considers our difficulties prior to executing such a crazy duty, which we can’t manage the cost of going by our day to day pay and costs.”


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