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Buhari Queries Nig Ambassador Over USA’s Jerusalem Embassy Inauguration


The Nigerian ambassador t Israel received a query for his alleged presence at the inauguration of the United States of America’s embassy in Jerusalem.

According to the Cable, the Ambassador reacted stating that he was not at the event.

Recall that Al-Jazeera, a news outlet, had claimed that Nigeria was represented at the inauguration of the Jerusalem embassy.

Most embassies are located in Tel-Aviv and the decision to move America’s embassy to Jerusalem, which was a symbolic move by the USA recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, has elicited a lot of criticism for American President Donald Trump.

Israel and Palestine have been locked in a debate over which country Jerusalem belongs to and other sovereign nations have taken the pacifist route by respecting the rights of the Palestinians over Jerusalem.

According to the Cable, an official from the Presidency, while speaking with journalists on the condition of anonymity, said that President Buhari, through the minister of foreign affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama, has queried the ambassador, for reportedly attending the event.

“Based on that report (Al-Jazeera), the minister queried the ambassador to explain why he attended the event,” the official said.

“The ambassador has since replied that he was not at the event. It was on the strength of the ambassador’s response that the federal government wrote to Al Jazeera to retract its story.”



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